Welcome to our new advent-ure!

If you’ve landed here you probably know what we are all about already: but if not then read on…….

Last December one of my current Dungeons and Dragons party, his mouthful of chocolate, looked at me and said: “Dad – wouldn’t it be cool if there was a D&D Advent Calendar?”. And so an idea was born and before you know it I was deep into contacting old friends and new to bring this idea into reality……

The run up to Christmas 2019 is going to be more exciting than ever, and we really hope you jump on board with us as we create our first (of many!) yearly advent calendars.

Cover Artist: Mr Randall Hampton

The fabulous cover of our calendar by Randall Hampton – what could lurk behind those doors?

When I was looking around for the artist who would lead on the crucial cover element of the calendar I got so lucky! I had a very clear idea of how the calendar should look – with the idea of a party of adventurers going through a classic dungeon – and with more than a nod to the old D&D cartoon of my youth. Having looked through more portfolios than I care to mention I was beginning to despair – until I happened across Randall’s “Little Games Master” project: the art style was exactly what I was after! One quick email later and Randall was onboard – and almost as excited as me! Since that time Randall has very much been the artistic direction behind the cover art and the internal pictures – and has never once disappointed. Check out his art at http://www.randallhamptonart.com

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